Princess Punt Sweets

Version: 8.4.0
Release Notes: ◇◆Ver8.4.0アップデート情報◆◇ ■新規項目 ・アイテム作成が連続で行えるように修正 ■修正・改修項目 ・属性の無い敵で発生していた不具合を修正 ・一部メンバーや特定ステージなどで発生していた不具合を修正 ※詳細はアプリ内「攻略情報」より「最新情報」をご確認ください
Price: Free

Author Review

"Princess Punt Sweets," a new series of over 2.5 million downloaded game "Princess Punt," has been released!! *Let Princess kick the "soldiers" up high!* This time, you need to kick up more and more and more!! The great combination of exciting features of puzzle and elements of RPG, is now said to be a grand sum of "Action Puzzle RPG!" Interactive touching gameplay is easy but surely fun to everyone!! Also, a new system of "Sweets" which is combined in Princess Punt Sweets, makes the battle more exciting!! ---------------------------------------- [Price] App:Free *Some particular items are available at an additional cost. [Features] *Interactive touching gameplay is easy and fun to play for everyone! *Rules are simple! But the gameplay is deep and addictive!! *Characters you have raised play the active part of the battle!! [Description] *Defeat all monsters to complete the stage! 1. Control "Princess" and kick the "soldiers" toward monsters! -Princess kicks the soldiers by dragging Princess to the left and drop her. 2. Damage of monsters change according to which part of body you hit. -Critical hit by aiming at weak point of monsters! 3. One-tap strategies are important. -When soldiers kicked up in the air, release their special skills by tapping the screen. The skills are different accrording to the jobs and characters of soldiers. *Use various arms to power up! To raise your soldiers, you need to store experience ball into arms, or to change arms to a stronger one. *Raise various characters as you like! Compare to Princess Punt, we have more than twice types of jobs and characters you can select and raise in Princess Punt Sweet. [Story] *The purpose of Princess's adventure this time is to find delicious "Sweets!" (And also, a cool guy working at the sweets shop for sure.) Do you think she can attain her purpose? Do you think her soldiers can follow Princess's selfish adventure? Notice:Princess Punt is pretty addictive. Please be careful. ---------------------------------------- [Other game of Gungho Online Entertainment Inc,] *Adventure meets dynamic puzzle gameplay! Explore dungeons with Monsters! Puzzle & Dragons



Princess Punt Sweets iPhone

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